Minimal Prep Veneers

Achieve the smile you have always wanted with beautiful, natural-looking porcelain veneers. Whether you want to correct crooked or misshapen teeth, have a whiter, brighter smile, or need damaged teeth repaired, our minimal prep veneers give you the look you’ve always wanted. After your consultation, you’ll have brand new teeth in a single visit. Under the expert care of Dr. Lawlor, your procedure will be pain-free, and you’ll be back at work the next day with a confident, new smile.

“Dr. Lawlor is so wonderful, I drive all the way from Scarborough to see him! My front teeth were chipped and spaced, and he fixed them right up and made them look perfect! The service I received was beyond exceptional.” —Betsy D.

Q: Does it hurt?

A:  Dr. Lawlor prides himself on not hurting patients and offers extensive options to avoid pain and discomfort. We want you to be comfortable from the moment you walk in the door to when you are at home recovering on the couch. Most of our patients are able to return to work the next day and are amazed at how great they feel. We offer a wide range of sedation, numbing gels, customized anesthetic and medications to minimize or even eliminate post-operative pain. Welcome to a world of pain-free dentistry!

Q: Do you have to grind my tooth down?

A: Tooth structure is extremely valuable and we utilize No Prep or Minimal Prep procedures in 90% of cases. The exact amount depends on each patient’s specific condition but no matter the condition, we only use custom, precision guides to remove the bare minimum necessary to achieve the most aesthetic results.

Q: Will my new veneers be bulky or look fake?

A: Your veneers need to be able to complement your smile and will often make people remark that something is different but they cannot figure out what that something is. Your veneers should feel and look natural and give you a confident, ready smile. You may even find that you start to look for any opportunity to smile and show them off!

Q: How long do veneers last?

A: At Maine Dentistry, we use the strongest, most aesthetic porcelain available. The result is strong, natural looking teeth that can last a lifetime. While we would never recommend using your teeth to bite non-food items, they will function just like real teeth and hold up to everyday use.

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Dr. Lawlor belongs to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists and has been specifically trained in cosmetic dentistry. The American Dental Association does not issue special certifications or licenses indicating which dentists are cosmetic dentists and which are not. The dentist you go to for twice-yearly check-ups is probably not going to be the same dentist you go to for cosmetic enhancement. Unless you’re in the qualified hands of Dr. Lawlor!

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We get it. You hate the dentist. You’ve been trained to loathe the very word and everything associated with it. That’s exactly what inspired us to rethink the dental experience, backed by decades of insights and know-how. Meet Maine Dentistry–our space feels both familiar and inviting, our crew seriously knows their stuff, and our approach promotes long-term luster over emergency care.