There’s no better feeling than leaving the dentist with a clean, refreshing smile. At Maine Dentistry, we generally recommended that a patient comes in for teeth cleaning twice a year, or once every six months. This allows our team to not only keep a close eye on your overall oral care, but we can also take a 3D scan of your teeth and discuss how balanced your bite is. An unbalanced bite can lead to tooth trauma, recession, inefficient chewing, and jaw pain. While we clean your teeth, we’ll discuss with you how your bite may be affecting your health and what we can do to improve it. Last but not least, our customized self-care regimen will include tips and tricks on keeping that smile bright and healthy for years to come.

“My hygienist Lorie is great! Not only does she clean my teeth well, but she is so personable, professional and she always remembers to give me a new green toothbrush, as that is my favorite color! Lisa and Lori at the front desk are so organized and welcoming. The new decor is really nice and they have homemade chocolate chip cookies!! You can’t go wrong going to Maine Dentistry and Dr. Lawlor!” —Aileen Z.


Routine teeth cleanings are essential as both a diagnostic and preventative step to oral health. While our team is cleaning your teeth, they can take note of issues that may lead to problems further down the road. Removal of plaque and tartar, teeth polishing, stain removal, fluoride application, and other practices serve as an additional form of protection against serious potential problems like gum disease.


Teeth cleanings are a part of most routine dental visits and usually begin with a physical exam that helps us assess the current state of your oral health and hygiene. Our team may use a mirror or other tools to check your gums and teeth for any signs of gingivitis, indicated by inflamed gums, or any other concerns. During the entirety of the visit, we will talk with you about what is being done, why, and the status of your teeth and gums.

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Dr. Lawlor belongs to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists and has been specifically trained in cosmetic dentistry. The American Dental Association does not issue special certifications or licenses indicating which dentists are cosmetic dentists and which are not. The dentist you go to for twice-yearly check-ups is probably not going to be the same dentist you go to for cosmetic enhancement. Unless you’re in the qualified hands of Dr. Lawlor!

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We get it. You hate the dentist. You’ve been trained to loathe the very word and everything associated with it. That’s exactly what inspired us to rethink the dental experience, backed by decades of insights and know-how. Meet Maine Dentistry–our space feels both familiar and inviting, our crew seriously knows their stuff, and our approach promotes long-term luster over emergency care.